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CFMC Treasurer

CFMC Treasurer

MARCUS ERICKSON  (phasing in Shlomi Yehuda)


Hi, I’m Marcus Alexander Clarence Erickson.  I shorten that to MACE.  I’ve been a member of CFMC since 1993 and am the current Treasurer.  I’m also a long time volunteer with the Northwest Motorcycle Association.  I was born and raised in Oregon, spent six years in Southern California for my first post-college job, and blessedly returned to the NW in 1991.  I started riding in 1969 on a first year Z50A.  My current stable includes three KTM two strokes, an XR650L and a Ducati Monster.

Photo is at the Colorado River at the apex of an epic Mohave Trail Ride (circa 1990).  That’s my future wife who was very new to riding and showed amazing grit to complete the trip.