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CFMC Secretary

CFMC Secretary

Chris Bentley

About Me: I am married, age 54, and have been a two-wheel nut my whole life.  After riding dirt bikes for a few years, I got into mountain biking competitions.  I started missing dirt bikes last year, and just got back into dirt biking in 2018.  My son would also like to get back into dirt bikes.

My first dirt bike:  1986 CR250R  My current dirt bike:  2018 KTM 300 XC-W

My Riding Experience:  I like group rides, and probably trails more than desert riding, but I don’t have much experience on dirt bikes.  I’ve raced mountain bikes around the U.S., BC and Norway.  I have three Worlds Masters Downhill top 10 finishes, a U.S. National Downhill Championship and other local race wins and series gravity championships.  

My Favorite hashtag:  #lifebehindbars 

Why I became Secretary:  Rick saw that I had a couple beers at the annual xmas party and thought it was a good time to nominate me.  But seriously, I think I will enjoy the assignment for 2018.

I’d also like to say:  I am still passionate about mountain biking and would love to go pedal around with some club members sometime, and even offer up some free coaching classes (you’d have to come to my neck of the woods however).   Remember, pedaling a bike will make you a stronger dirt bike racer. ;-)  /  Instagram:  ktm_300_xc_w  also:   chris_bentley282