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Vice President

CFMC Vice President


Starting riding a lawn mower engine mini bike at 5 and been infatuated ever since. In the early 90’s my first real dirt bike was a 1975 Honda Elsinore CR125. There was a small course next to my house that it got abused on until my skill and size outgrew it. My passion never went away, school all day, ride until dark – Since I was doing well in school my parents upgraded me in 1996 to a brand new CR80 Big wheel. This bike only increased my skill and love for the sport. In 1998 at a legit motocross track I found out quick that big jumps plus speed with assumed skill could only equal a big crash. Wasted the bike and both arms pretty good and decided motocross was not for me. So got into racing cars- gotta love a roll cage! I couldn’t walk away from riding so discovered adventure trails, forest service roads and BDR routes on a KLR650. Shared myself with both hobbies while starting a family with my high school sweetheart. We’ve been a couple for 22 years now.  Since my racecar only has 1 seat and my kids are old enough to tag along now, I wanted to get them into riding and share that experience with them. We found that single track trail riding was so much more fun than forest service roads and safer than motocross tracks and dove in head first! Swapped my KLR for a Husqvarna TE300i and snagged some KLX140’s for my kids. We now spend our time together riding in what I feel like is the best mix of fun and skill, Single track trails! When I’m not getting dirty, I still pull my stockcar out and go door-to-door trading paint racing at circle tracks all over the NW. 2 Fun Facts: I LOVE doing Belly Flops into shallow water like a circus freak & I store my motorcycles in the living room!