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Black Bear Enduro

Black Bear Enduro History

The Black Bear Enduro has been a part of CFMC since 1992. The current venue location is Elfendahl Pass Staging Area at Tahuya, Belfair, WA. Previous Black Bears have been hosted at Capitol Forest, Little Naches and Reiter.

Our infamous leader, Dean Dorsett, has been heading up this event from 1994 until 2012. Currently RICK HANKE is the Trail Boss heading up the Black Bear Enduro in 2018.  
CFMC strives in putting on a fun, fair enduro with accurate mileages and accurate checkpoints. We will test your timekeeping skills, test your endurance, and test your speed. 

A recent addition to the Black Bear Enduro is the “Coffee Brake”. The “Coffee Brake” is located somewhere in the first 40 miles of the long and short course and sponsored by Hinshaws Motorcycle Store. Here, riders can refuel their bikes as well as their bodies since at the “Coffee Brake” there is water, juice, coffee; fresh fruits and snacks, free for the taking.

Do You Have What it Takes?


If you like riding, camping, and hanging out with friends you may in fact have what it takes! You have to also be willing to give a little back to the sport, via work parties and sharing riding tips with newer riders. If this sounds like you, we here at CFMC are always looking to expand our circle of friends via new members! Click here to send us an email. We will be happy to share more information about the club and review with you what is required to become a member of the Cascade Family Motorcycle Club,  Or  Click Here  to download and view a CFMC Membership Packet