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Wild Bear Enduro Scramble

Wild Bear Enduro Scramble History

June 28, 2014 was the initiation of the Wild Bear Enduro Scramble.  Trail Boss Roscoe Rainey has been envisioning this format for some time and our format is similar to what has been in play on the East Coast the past few years.  If you finished the 2014 Wild Bear you accomplished a lot as it turned out to be a mud race!  For 2015 Trail Boss Roscoe Rainey had a dust race.  A little moisture would have helped!!

In 2016 thru 2019 Cory Freilinger was the trail boss -- and the weather and trails were perfect!!

For 2021 Trail Boss ARMAND MENARD headed up the seventh year of the Wildbear Enduro Scramble. Since 2021 the annual running of this event has been put on hold. 

Wildbear Enduro Scramble Format

What is an Enduro Scramble?  First off there is no timekeeping, well not like in a Timekeeping Enduro.  The start will be up to 4 riders per minute, dead engine start, AA/Pro riders starting no earlier than minute 5. 

For the first lap your time begins on the minute your riding, so if your minute 9:01, thats your start time whether you start then or not!  When you finish the loop (less than 25 miles) your time is recorded again.

The club will post how many laps are required and when the course closes.  Its up to you to schedule when you start each lap as you can take a break in between laps.

Theres more to it than this, so to find out more read the rules from the NMA


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