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Bumpstomper - 24 hour race

12/09/2009, 8:32am PST
By Tim Swartz

CFMC "Fuzzy Bunny" team takes 1st Place!

I know its kind of late but I have been busy and even though there were 4 of us Cascade Club members on the Buttstopmer "Fuzzy Bunnie" team no one else has posted either!!

The weather was perfect and in hindsight, this was probably the last race held at Reiter. Roscoe, Bowen, Chuck Husum JR and I geared up for the Buttstomper which started at 10 am sharp. WE (Bowen, Chuck and I) had a plan. Friday eve the three of us met at my house and then went to Costco for some "Man Food" and road tripped to the Safeway in Monroe for Ice and refreshments. (We had to make sure out pit crew was taken care of!) Anyhow, I am not sure how we or Chuck came up with the idea but we bought a quart bottle of some malt liquor beer called "Steel Reserve" Its in a clear bottle. We also bought some apple juice. Roscoe was coming Saturday am so we had plenty of time to dump out the beer and pour in the apple juice. After Roscoe arrived the three of us were out in our pit taking hits off the beer bottle and then we asked Roscoe if he wanted some which he declined. We were acting a little weird -- part of the plan-- and I think we gave Roscoe the impression "What did I get into here??" At sign-up we had the bottle--Its the Stumpjumpers-- and no one said a thing. I told the gal at sign up it was our secret weapon and all she said was its not secret anymore! On the start line riders were lined up waiting for the start so I wandered over to Steve Latimer and offered him a swig of our brew. Not surprisingly he took a hit and immediately noticed it was a non-alcoholic substance.

The race went off without a hitch. Our plan was to switch riders after every lap. Although the laps were only 12 miles long, Reiter is grueling and 12 miles at race pace is enough. We were not in the lead for a while, at least 3 or 4 laps if my memory is right, and a lap was about 50 minutes. Soon though we were pulling ahead and stayed in the lead for all of the race. At the end of the race we could have opted out the last lap but Chuck JR wanted to ride some more so he did the last lap.

It was a fun event, great weather, and the best part is we overall-ed the Buttstomper!! The "Fuzzy Bunnies"!! Now all we have to do is track down the trophy. I went to RV Town in Everett the other day and discovered that Jon Seahorn has the trophy so I need to contact him soon!

This would be a great club event for future years if the Buttstomper comes back. Its fun to do and more fun to do after a couple of months or more have passed. Like Jerry Allen says, after the race you don't care if you ever do it again, as you get closer to next years Buttstomper your thinking it was fun and the next thing you know you've got a team together.

If its back, I guess I will do it again, I will be 50 too.... I may have to find an older team, those 20 somethings may do me in!! Maybe we could have an "Old Cascade Team" and a "Young Cascade Team"

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